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Journey to the Beginning of the End

*Disclaimer: In no way am I saying you should/shouldn't breastfeed your child nor am I saying you have to stop at a certain time. This is just how it is for me and my son.* When I had my son 2 and a half years ago, breastfeeding was a love hate relationship. It took him… Continue reading Journey to the Beginning of the End


What’s Inside?

If you didn't read my post on my traveling essentials you can CLICK HERE to view that post. Traveling essentials If you did read my traveling essentials post, you will remember I HIGHLY recommend this suitcase when it comes to packing for a baby/toddler, or even for a quick trip. Click Here to Buy My… Continue reading What’s Inside?


Traveling With Toddlers Essentials

Every year in the fall, my husband, son and I go on a mini family vacation. This really started with my husband and I's honeymoon and anniversaries through the years, but now with a little one, it has turned into our yearly family vacation. Now, we don't go on mini trips, as I said we… Continue reading Traveling With Toddlers Essentials