Anniversary 2019

This year marks 4 years of my husband and I being married. As we speak we are currently at the beach together. This 4 years has already brought many changes, up's and down's, and as my website advertises,, everything in between. We have had many deaths, in the family and outside the family, with members [...]

Truths About The Past

Growing up my life seemed and felt pretty normal. It was my mom, dad, my sister and I. We would take trips during the summer, the beach and to visit my moms family. During winter break we would get to see my grandparents on my dads side as they traveled in their RV. And occasionally [...]

Our Love Story

November 7, 2015 Before Dating In July of 2011, I had just graduated high school the month before, and my mother gave me the "Either go to school or get a job" speech. The problem with this is that I didn't have a car or someone that could take me to school and I couldn't [...]