The Biggest Secret

Good day everyone and welcome to July! Is it just me or has this year been the longest yet faster year ever? I know it's been the craziest year that I have ever had to experience. One thing that this year has brought, is the biggest secret I have ever had to keep and honestly, [...]

Look No Further

Wow, it has been quite some time since I have been able to get to posting on here. While away, I have really been working on getting my Facebook page up and running. I don't know about you, but with everything that has gone on in the world the past few months, my motivation to [...]

Custom Keto Diet

Did you know that 71.6% of American adults aged 20 and above are overweight, of which more than half are obese? Do you feel that no matter how hard you try or how many different diets you get on, you just can't lose the weight that you want? Well you aren't alone. Many people have [...]

Check In

I completed Day 4 with completing my goal of all intermediate levels. I would say this day was fairly easy as well, but I think it is to prepare myself for Day 5. Day 5, if I'm being honest, looks intimidating and I think I'm going to set my goal pretty low and trying the [...]

Fitness Day 3

I would have to say that Day 3 of the 30 Day No Equipment Challenge has been the easiest for me so far. I actually ended up doing a little bit more than what I had set as my goal due to feeling that I hadn't fully worked myself. This was my results from Day [...]

Fitness Update

I would by lying if I said that Day Two was easy for me. In fact, this head my legs burning and sore for the 2 days over the weekend, but it was the perfect motivation I needed to keep this 30 Day Challenge going. I love feeling sore after a work out. It shows [...]

Fitness Check In

Yesterday I posted Day One of my 30 Day No Equipment Fitness Challenge. If you haven't seen it, you can CLICK HERE to read that before continuing on with this post. Fitness Day One Adjustment I posted saying I was going to do all Intermediate work-outs. What actually ended up happening was: Push Up's: I [...]

Getting Beach Body Ready

On November 6, my husband and I are taking our yearly family vacation to the beach. While the temperatures can still vary and could very well be quite cold, each year we have gone, the temps have been different, so now is the time to get ready to get myself feeling comfortable in a bikini. [...]